Bitcoin blazed past $20,000 peaking at $22,900 for new all-time-high

The price of Bitcoin hit an all time high today, blowing past $22,000 for the first time and peaking at nearly $23,000 per coin…

Just a month ago, , it was big news that Bitcoin was back up to $19,000, approaching its all-time high of just shy of $20,000 in December 2017. Today, $19,000 is old news. We're in new territory with the cryptocurrency now trading well north of that $20k mark.

On December 16, 2020, Bitcoin's price finally crept past $20,000, which seems to have ignited a new fire of speculative investors. Within hours of breaking the psychological barrier of $20,000, the price shot up beyond $21,000. While I was writing this article, the ticker on peaked at $22,922. Although, before I could hit publish the price started to plummet again, with it now below $22,000 again. Bitcoin is nothing if not volatile!

Three years ago, the price of Bitcoin peaked on Christmas and fell precipitously in January. It took until the last few weeks to get back to this price. Will it hold this time? Only time will tell.


By Sushrut

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