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We are back with another VPN review but this one is little different than the previous ones which we had reviewed here earlier…Perimeter 81 is a “Business VPN” and The award-winning service provided by Perimeter 81 can be used by IT Managers, CTOs, CIOs, CISOs, and Compliance Managers from businesses of all sizes and industry sectors. The client base of Perimeter 81 includes Fortune 500 companies as well as SMBs.

Perimeter 81 is actually among the top Business/corporate VPNs. High-quality security, dedicated servers, quick speeds with up to 1,000 Mbps!, simple user management, round-the-clock customer support, network-based split tunnelling, and many other business-oriented features are all available with Perimeter 81.

Read this Perimeter 81 VPN review to know what makes Perimeter 81 so great and what kind of drawbacks it might have.

Perimeter 81 at a glance :

📖 No logs policy: No logs
💵 Price: From $8.00/month
🖥️ Servers: 700+ servers in 34 countries

🍿 Streaming services: Netflix

Pros and Cons of Perimeter 81 :
Pros :

1. Highly secure
2. Simple & clutter-free user interface
3. Dedicated servers
4. Dedicated IPs
5. Filled with helpful options & features
6. Very fast speeds
7. Simple user management
8. Great network management capabilities

Cons : 

1) Advanced features are only available on Higher plans.
2) A little less country selection.
3) Plans are little bit on the pricey side.


Features & benefits of Perimeter 81


Just like a standard VPN, Perimeter 81 will conceal the user's real IP address, encrypt all internet traffic, and unblock a variety of geo-restricted websites and content. However, its main objective is to safeguard your business, and it has a number of unique features you might not be familiar with.

In fact, Perimeter is one of the best Business VPNs currently available in the market with some great features.Its features consist of:

1.   Dedicated IPs and servers
2.   Connecting cloud apps (Azure, Google Cloud)
3.   Accessing business web apps safely
4.   Streamlined user management
5.   Posture Check (verification of the device's security and integrity)
6.   Always-On VPN (automatic connection)
7.   Split tunnelling based on the network
8.   Device and user monitoring
9.   Easy Integration with 3rd-party providers.
10. Secure Web Gateway

Here, we'll go through a few of the main features of Perimeter 81 in more detail.

perimeter 81

Dedicated servers with dedicated IPs

Your staff members are the only ones who can access your company's internal network thanks to dedicated servers and IP addresses. To put it another way, no one will be able to access these resources if they are not connected to the dedicated VPN server, hence preventing unauthorised access to your sensitive data.

It is especially helpful when several staff work from home, as this makes it much simpler for hackers to steal your valuable company data.


Two-factor Authentication

A VPN account has an additional layer of security thanks to two-factor authentication. Additionally, you should use every layer of protection you can when it comes to businesses.

When utilising Perimeter 81, there are several possible approaches to implement 2FA. Your employees may verify their identity when logging into their accounts by receiving a special security code via SMS or push notification, inputting the distinctive Google Authenticator number sequence, or utilising the incredibly handy Duo Security app.


Split Tunneling 

Split tunnelling is undoubtedly a term you've heard if you know anything about VPNs. Typically, you can choose which websites and apps should use the VPN connection using this feature.

However, Perimeter 81's split tunnelling function operates somewhat differently. You are given the option to choose which subnets you want to use the VPN tunnel for rather than specific programmes and websites.


Secure Web Gateway

Perimeter 81 has incorporated a web filtering tool that prevents employees from visiting harmful websites and infecting office devices in order to secure the sensitive data of the firm. By placing some restrictions on non-business-related content, however, productivity rises along with employee safety and awareness.

By using the same admin panel that has been used to distribute users with other management tools, an admin can implement web filter rules to achieve these objectives. There, an administrator can disable access for other users to a certain category (such as gaming or streaming platforms). On the other hand, bypass rules can be added, allowing select users to ignore some web filtering restrictions.


Device Posture Check

A nifty little tool called Device Posture Check (DCP) will make sure that your staff can only connect to the organization's network using secure devices.

You have a lot of freedom from the feature because you get to select what constitutes a secure device. For instance, you can restrict access to machines that run a particular antivirus product, are encrypted to the specified level, or possess the necessary authentication certificates. Additionally, you can create profiles for various device groups.

perimeter 81


User management

Even though Perimeter 81 has a lot of features, managing users can become rather simple. Of course, if you have at least some expertise with corporate VPNs, it will be much easier for you to adapt to the platform.

The ability to form user groups and give them various permissions is useful in our opinion. You may, for instance, deny certain user groups access to particular websites. Additionally, you can ban domains, content types, and IP addresses. Even domains might be excluded from banned categories.

It's quite simple to add additional users to Perimeter 81 because it's a cloud-based service. To invite a new member, you only need to include their email address. You can also upload a.csv file containing up to 100 email addresses as an alternative.

Additionally, the users' VPN clients' settings can be modified. You can, for instance:

  1. Deactivate both private and public VPN servers
  2. Activate the Always-On VPN function
  3. Enforce Automatic updates
  4. Activate the kill switch.
  5. Enable two-factor authentication
  6. Set the default protocol for different OS systems
  7. Reset user passwords

Perimeter 81 offers you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to handling user accounts overall.


Is Perimeter 81 secure?

Yes, Perimeter 81 is one of the safest VPN service providers available in the market. This cloud-based service encrypts your internet traffic and other data using the AES-256 cypher, like most other quality providers. This type of encryption is utilised by both the military and banks and is impenetrable to a brute-force attack.

It's also comforting to know that nobody, not even the cloud provider, has access to your data.

The best tunnelling methods are all provided by Perimeter 81. You have a choice of three:

WireGuard. This open-source protocol offers the best speeds in the sector by fusing security and efficiency.

OpenVPN. The stability and security of this tunnelling protocol are prioritised. Due to its flexibility and fast speeds, the vast majority of VPN services employ it.

IKEv2. The stability of this protocol makes it ideal for usage with portable devices (as users tend to shift between wifi and mobile data when using a smartphone). Additionally, it is very safe and fast.

perimeter 81 business vpn

Naturally, a VPN's privacy policy is very important as well. In this situation, Perimeter 81 monitors specific data to guarantee a smooth experience for your business. 

Here is the type of data that it records:

Admin actions: (inviting members, changing permissions, etc.)
Team member behaviour: (connection timestamps, location of the device at the time of the connection, etc.)
Payment information: (your name and address and the last four digits of your credit card number)
On their web page, Perimeter 81 provides a link to their complete privacy statement.


Speed performance

Perimeter 81 is a very speedy VPN service. It actually competes favourably with the fastest VPN programmes currently available.

Given that it provides WireGuard, this is not unexpected. Let's examine the performance outcomes when this tunnelling protocol is utilised:

Baseline: 1 ms, 300 Mbps download, and 300 Mbps upload.

perimeter 81

As you can see, especially with the private gateway, the speeds are rather good (UK). In this instance, the download speed only dropped by 2.7%. Surprisingly, the upload speed was essentially the same as the speed of my internet connection when it wasn't using a VPN.

The situation with shared servers was also rather good; frequently, I was only left with more over two thirds of my initial download speed. 

When comparing WireGuard's performance to that of other tunnelling protocols, it's important to note that IKEv2 performed almost as well. Its download speeds were constantly fast, decreasing by only 10%. The upload rates, on the other hand, were a little slower, giving me less than half of my initial speed.

All things considered, if your internet connection permits it, Perimeter 81 should be able to offer the 1,000 Mbps speed it has promised.


Perimeter 81 Pricing and Plans:

Given that Perimeter 81 is a business VPN rather than a personal one, its pricing structure might not be exactly what you're used to.

First off, there is a minimum number of users, and depending on the plan you select, each user has a different cost:


  • Essentials: min. 5 users, min. $8 per user
  • Premium: min. 10 users, min. $12 per user
  • Premium Plus: min. 20 users, min. $16 per user
  • Enterprise: min. 50 users, no fixed pricing

When purchasing Perimeter 81, you have the option of paying for a monthly subscription or purchasing the VPN for an entire year, which makes the subscription slightly less expensive.  

The monthly prices and the minimum cost for obtaining the service for one month are shown below:

Essentials: $8/month per user, $40 per gateway $1,060/year

Premium:  $12/month per user, $40 per gateway $1,920/year
Premium Plus: $16/month per user, $40/month per gateway $4,320/year
The Enterprise subscription was left off from this Perimeter 81 review, since there are no set costs for it; if you're interested in it, you will need to get in touch with their customer service.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided for each of the plans. Considering that Business VPNs are pretty expensive, having this is a really great thing to have. 

 Visit Perimeter Official Website Here

Perimeter 81's Cost Gets Reduced vs conventional, Hardware-based Business VPN :

perimeter 81 pricing


Even though torrenting isn’t an activity you’re expected to do at work (you can even get fired for it in some places!), it’s still a good idea to check the capabilities of Perimeter 81 VPN. After all, this might get in handy at some jobs.

So, Perimeter 81 not only allows torrenting, but also offers pretty good speeds. For example, when using the private gateway, I was able to download files at the speed of about 200 Mbps. 


Streaming is yet another activity not associated with the workplace. However, it’s still nice to be able to unwind, relax, and watch your favorite geo-restricted show during your lunch break.

Naturally, I checked Netflix first. Interestingly, its UK library only worked with the private gateway. Meanwhile, both the regular and streaming-optimized servers only made me see the international library.


Interface and ease of use

It’s good to know that Perimeter 81 is intuitive and easy to use even to those who’ve never used a business VPN before.

Perimeter 81 offers slick and modern applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Keep in mind that these apps are for the VPN users only – all the administrative work is done via the web client.

perimeter 81

Desktop Application

As far as VPN apps go, the desktop applications of Perimeter 81 are quite simplistic. Of course, this isn’t too big of a disadvantage – in fact, this only makes them easier to install and use.

Everything you need (which includes the tunneling protocols, features, support, and servers) is neatly put into separate tabs. A few clicks here & there, and you’re going to use the app just the way you want.

It’s nice that even Linux users will get a full-blown application, which is quite rare in the world of VPNs.

perimeter 81

The mobile applications (Android and iOS) are very similar to their desktop counterparts, from the color palette to the functionality.

However, the mobile versions lack a few features. These include Connect on Launch, notification settings, and automatic updates. On the bright side, neither you nor your employees will have trouble using the applications.

perimeter 81

The web client of Perimeter 81 is where all the good stuff happens. Here, you’ll be able to do all the account management things mentioned in this Perimeter 81 review. For example, you’ll be able to add, remove, and manage the VPN users, as well as give or deny permissions to different user groups.

Overall, this management console is quite easy and comfortable to use. However, it still requires some knowledge of networking and cryptography to fully understand what you are doing.


Customer support

There are several options to get in touch with the customer support team of Perimeter 81 VPN. If you don’t have an account, you can read through their knowledge base or create a ticket and get a reply into your email.

However, you get even more options (dedicated chat and email support) if you’re a paid user. The users of the Essentials plan will get their queries answered during office hours, while Premium and Premium Plus users get prioritized responses. The latter subscription also includes phone support during office hours, as well as a dedicated account manager.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise subscription truly takes the cake. That’s because its users get 24/7 phone and live chat support (together with a dedicated account manager, of course).

So, I actually got the chance to test the customer support of Perimeter 81, because I had some issues logging in on Android. The support agent was very quick, responsive, and professional, leaving a really good impression.

Is Perimeter 81 VPN any good?

Yes, Perimeter 81 is a very good business VPN. It delivered nearly the same bandwidth with the private gateway as I would have without a VPN. There are also lots of features that can be extremely useful in a corporate industry.

Meanwhile, the user management is fairly robust. However, it might be a bit overwhelming for you if you don’t have a background in IT. In terms of user management, there is also no way to track what the users are accessing when connected to the VPN. This can be both a good and bad thing depending on your management style.

All things considered, it’s worth investing in Perimeter 81 if you want to protect your business.



What is Perimeter 81 used for?

Perimeter 81 is used by businesses to access internal infrastructure and protect the confidential data of the company. The service can also be used as a regular VPN to access geo-blocked content and protect your device from snoopers.

What services does Perimeter 81 provide?

Perimeter 81 provides dedicated servers and IP addresses, built-in user management tools, easy connection to cloud-based applications, and useful features like split tunneling.

Is Perimeter 81 a VPN?

While technically Perimeter 81 can be classified as a VPN, they call their service SDP (software defined perimeter). Even though they still use VPN tunneling protocols like Wireguard and OpenVPN, they have also fixed some of the issues with corporate VPNs. For an example, it’s significantly harder for hackers to hijack accounts, as Perimeter 81 uses SSO and other advanced identification methods.

 Visit Perimeter Official Website Here For Any Special Deals or Offers!

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