How To Get Credit Cards On Card-To-Card Without Income Proof

Many people in India who are card-freaks like me or just want to have multiple credit cards in their possession because of various benefits each card company provides, they are always wondering about how to get more credit cards without salary slips & ITRs or submitting any income documents..

Lots of people have this question so I thought why not clearing this doubt for everyone who is wanting to get another bank's credit card based on a card which he or she already posses..Yes you can get a credit card without salary slip or any proof of your income.

First of all, to get a credit card based on another card, you will need to have an existing credit card..If you are in your teens without any income & don't already have an existing credit card, you can follow my article How To Get Your First Credit Card Without Income Proof.

Now let's get back to the topic of what you should do if you already have a credit card & want another card (or cards from other banks) from another bank.

For example, you already have an HDFC Credit card & you want an ICICI/SBI/Axis or Standard Chartered Credit Card…You will just have to go to the bank's website & apply for the credit card version you want.

For example, if you are trying to get a Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card, you will need to go to the official link Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card & apply for the card from there.

I have just gave an example of Standard Chartered bank above but the procedure is same for all the credit card companies.

After applying for any card online or via any agent who calls you for a credit card, they will ask you about your income status, like if you are filing ITR or if you are a salaried person…You will just have to say to them that, you want to apply based on your existing card…If you are applying based on your existing credit card, then you can easily get credit card without income proof.

If you already have a high-limit existing credit card from another bank & you run a business or from the corporate world, then you can also go for the best business credit cards or high-end corporate credit cards such as the Citi Corporate credit card which is one of the best cards for corporates.

If you are applying for such a high-end card though, before applying, make sure you are eligible for the card…Because credit card companies will only issue a card if you are fully eligible for it…So you are better off discussing with the bank executive regarding your eligibility for any card you want to apply for before he visits your place to collect your documents to process the card application further.

Now in the next step, a bank employee will visit your place for documentation. You will have to provide him, your Aadhar Card's Front & Back, Your PAN Card & the last month statement xerox copies of your existing credit card…You won't have to give any of your income documents..

Some banks will also ask you for your existing card's front copy & there is no harm in providing that to them as you are not giving them the photo of the back of your credit card which consists of your card's 3 Digit CVV number which you should NEVER give to anyone.

Now your documentation will be complete & the bank staff will give you an application number which you can use to track your application status online on the bank's website…Most banks will have an application tracking link on their site…If not, you can always call the customer care number of the bank & know your application status. 

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