Google Camera App (GCam)

Google Camera App or GCam app is a Free & nice replacement for the default stock camera app that comes with most Android smartphones… Google Camera Application has several stand-out features that should be expected from other 3rd-party high-end camera apps…

Below I will be listing some of the Pro’s of this Google Camera App…

HDR+ mode

HDR+ is an advanced form of HDR and is far better from any stock camera or other camera applications…HDR+ can easily be activated or deactivated with just one swipe of your thumb.

Photo Sphere

Using Photo Sphere and Google Camera App, you can create 360 degree panoramic photos quite easily. Photo Sphere images allow the viewer to move around within the world you have created, move up, down, left or right to see everything. Photo Sphere also gives you the tools to create your very own Google Maps street view… 

Lens Blur

Lens Blur gives you the DSLR like function of creating images with shallow depth of field, or limited areas of focus. Basically, what Lens Blur does is, it blurs the background in order to put more emphasis on the main object you want to focus on… 

Simple clean interface

Google Camera App has a very easy to use, simple & clean interface, with the most important controls right at our fingertips. Google has re-designed the Camera app for every smartphone user, doesn’t matter they are professional at taking photos or not…They just made high-quality photography more accessible to everyone. 

It is free

It's free if you got one of the supporting devices (Google Nexus/Pixel). 

Supports panorama shots

This is also supported by many stock Android camera apps but Google Camera App provides a more enhanced experience using it…


Limited device support – Google Camera App is Only available for Google Nexus and Pixel

In 2016, Google stopped providing Google Camera for non-google devices.

If you have a supporting Google device, you can download and install the Official Google Camera App from PlayStore…

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